12x Lasergun camo green

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12x Lasergun camo green

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Play your favorite laser games with these super cool Light Battle Active laser guns. Experience the ultimate laser tag experience with this laser tag set. From now on you can laser game in and around the house for as long as you want. Our laser guns are easy to use and you will not suffer from bullets or darts that go wrong or get lost.

How does the laser tag game work?
You can play the laser tag with up to four teams, each team can consist of an infinite number of players. During the laser game you have to eliminate all opponents. You have eliminated your opponent when all the lives on the opponent's laser gun are gone. The laser gun is the target for aiming, no additional accessories are required.
The number of lives is shown by 3 life bars, with each red life bar representing three lives. So you have a total of 9 lives. How many lives your opponent loses depends on the type of ammunition used. For example, if you shoot with the ammunition type pistol, your opponent loses 1 life with a hit. If you set the gun to rocket launcher ammunition, your opponent loses 3 lives.

Features of the laser gun:

  • 4 team colors (blue, red, white and green);
  • 4 different ammunition types (pistol, shotgun, submachine gun and rocket launcher);
  • 3 life bars (3 lives per life bar);
  • Ammo reload button;
  • Infrared transmitter / receiver (no vest required);
  • Vibrates when fired and when hit;
  • Light and sound effects.

Light Battle Active is suitable for children from 6 years and is also great fun for all fathers and mothers. The Lasergame set comes in a cool gift box, including extensive manual in the English, German, French and Dutch language. The laser tag gun has a length of 28.5 cm and a height of 16.5 cm. By using a high quality plastic, this toy gun is extra strong. The laser gun works on 4 AA batteries (not included). With 4 new alkaline you can spend hours laser gaming with the whole family!

Shooting Distance
Light Battle Active laser guns have a shooting distance of up to 50 meters. The shooting distance is partly determined by the weather conditions; the more sunlight, the shorter the shooting distance. The firing distance of the laser gun also depends on the chosen ammunition type. If you use the ammunition type & quot; gun & quot;, then the range is greatest. If the gun is set as a missile launcher, the firing distance of the laser gun is shorter.

100% secure
Light Battle Active laser tag toys use harmless and invisible infrared light, similar to the remote control of a television. There are no dangerous laser beams from the toy gun. All Light Battle Active products have a CE mark and comply with the European safety rules applicable to toys.

What's in this Lasergame set?
This laser tag toy gun set contains the following items:

  • 12 laser guns camo green

Light Battle Active laser game accessories
The Light Battle Active laser guns can be combined with all other Light Battle Active laser tag guns and accessories. Accessories, such as a Target or VIP mask, provide more game options. For example, with the targets you play & quot; capture the flag & quot; and with a VIP mask & quot; protect the VIP & quot ;. The most popular addition to the laser tag set is the Light Battle Active vest.