2 Light Battle Active VIP masks camo green/gray

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2 Light Battle Active VIP masks camo green/gray

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Light Battle Active Masks CAMO green en CAMO gray
With the Light Battle Active VIP Mask, you can make laser tag even more fun. By shooting a Light Battle Active laser gun at the mask, it can be tied to a team colour. A team can choose a VIP who wears the mask. The team must protect the VIP while players from other teams try to take him down. After the mask has used up all the lives, the VIP mask begins to vibrate for a few seconds and the life bars start flashing. Take down the VIP, and you take down the team!

Like the gun, the mask contains three life bars that indicate the number of lives. Depending on the type of ammunition used, it takes 3 to 9 shots to take down the VIP.When using both the mask and a gun, the number of lives on the mask counts. There is no further communication between the mask and the gun. If the mask loses a life, the gun won't.

The mask takes three LR44 batteries, these are not included.

This product is not suitable for children under three years. Contains small parts - choking hazard!