2 Light Battle Active targets

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2 Light Battle Active targets

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With the Light Battle Active Lasergame targets you can add even more game options. For example, you play the game & quot; conquer the flag & quot ;. Hang your flag (target) in a strategic place, making it extra difficult for your opponent. It is intended that you protect your target well, so that the opponent can not conquer him.

How does it work a Lasergame target?
After switching on, the target lights up for 1 second every 30 seconds. This makes it easier to find in the dark. If the target is hit, it will continue to blink in the color with which it has been hit. While it is blinking, the target can not be touched by anyone. After the target is hit 5 times by the same team color, it will continue to flash in the team color of the team that captured the target until it is turned off.

The Light Battle Active Lasergame target works on 3 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries (not included). There is also a battery saving function on the laser game targets, which switches the target off after 4 hours of on.

What do you receive?
2x a Light Battle Active Target.

100% safe
Light Battle Active laser tag toy uses harmless and invisible infrared light, similar to the remote control of a television. All Light Battle Active products have CE marking and comply with the European safety regulations applicable to toys.

Light Battle Active laser game accessories
The target can be combined with all Light Battle Active laser guns and guns. To enhance your playing pleasure even further, you can also add the Light Battle Active VIP masks to your set. For example, you can use the VIP mask to play "protect the VIP" thereby protecting a team's designated VIP.The most popular extension is the laser tag set is the Light Battle Active vest.