4 Anti-Cheat laser tag pistols (green, yellow) + 2 targets

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4 Anti-Cheat laser tag pistols (green, yellow) + 2 targets

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Hide your target as a flag in the playing field and make sure you find your opponent's flag, but be careful not to get hit! Play your favourite shooting game with your friends and family without the possibility of anyone cheating. These laser tag guns have an Anti-Cheat function which makes it impossible to cheat by resetting the gun during the game.

How does laser gaming work?
In laser gaming you have to take out your opponent, you do this by aiming at your opponent's gun. When all the lives on your opponent's gun run out, you win. Light Battle is fun for children but also for all mums and dads. You shoot with harmless infrared light (similar to your remote control), so you do not suffer from bullets or arrows that end up wrong or get lost.

Functionalities of an Anti-Cheat laser gun:

  • 4 team colours (blue, red, white and green);
  • 4 different ammunition types (single shot, laser gun, machine gun and plasma gun);
  • 3 life bars (3 lives per life bar);
  • 3 “hidden” life bars;
  • Ammo reload button;
  • Anti-cheat & activation function;
  • Infrared transmitter / receiver (no vest required);
  • vibrates when fired and when hit;
  • Light and sound effects with an English-speaking game coach.

The Light Battle Anti-Cheat guns are intended for the more serious laser tag player. Because the Anti-Cheat guns are slightly more difficult to use, we recommend a minimum age from 9 years. This laser tag guns set comes with a comprehensive manual in English, German, French and Dutch. A Light Battle Anti-Cheat laser tag gun has a length of 21 cm and a height of 15 cm. These guns are extra strong because they use a high quality plastic during production. The gun works on 3 AAA alkaline batteries (not included).

Cheating is no longer possible
The Anti-Cheat laser guns from Light Battle have a unique solution against cheating. Where you can cheat with other laser guns by getting new lives by turning the gun off and on again, that is no longer possible with the Light Battle guns with their Anti-Cheat option. The gun remembers the number of lost lives as soon as it is switched on again. The Anti-Cheat option also ensures that a gun that has been hit once can no longer change team colour. In this way, the laser tag is still more fun and fairer.

Important: When all the lives of a gun are out, you need a second Light Battle Anti-Cheat gun with a different team colour to provide it with new lives. You should therefore always be in possession of a second Light Battle laser gun with Anti-Cheat option to provide the gun with new lives (to activate). To do this, aim with an Anti-Cheat gun with a different team colour on the gun or gun without lives and then press the activation button for a few seconds. The activation option is only present on the Light Battle rifles and guns with an Anti-Cheat function and not on the standard Light Battle Active pistols. Laser tag toys uses infrared light that can reflect on walls or ceilings. Laser tag toys are therefore less suitable for use in small spaces with light walls or a lot of glass.

The Anti-Cheat guns do not respond to the Remote Control of the remote control series. The Remote Control series is not the same as the Anti-Cheat series. The Anti-Cheat guns work perfectly with all other Light Battle products, such as the standard Light Battle Active guns, the targets or vests. Of course, the Anti-Cheat pistols and guns can be used together. These have exactly the same functionalities.

Shooting distance
With the Light Battle guns you can hit someone from a distance of up to 50 meters. The shooting distance is partly determined by the weather conditions; the more sunlight, the shorter the shooting distance. The shooting distance of the laser gun is also dependent on the chosen ammunition type. If you use the ammunition type "single shot", the range is the largest. If the toy gun is set as "plasma gun", the shooting distance of the gun is shorter.

100% safe
Light Battle laser tag toys uses harmless and invisible infrared light, making them 100% safe. There are no dangerous laser beams coming out of the gun. All Light Battle products have CE marking and comply with the European safety regulations applicable to toys.

What is included in this Laser tag set?
This set contains everything you need to play laser tag. This laser tag Anti-Cheat set contains the following articles:

  • 2 Anti-Cheat laser guns yellow;
  • 2 Anti-Cheat laser guns green;
  • 2 Light Battle Active targets