2 Light Battle Active targets

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2 Light Battle Active targets

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Light Battle Active Targets CAMO green
Light Battle Active Target provides many additional laser game features and is designed specifically for Light Battle. The Target can be used as a flag to be captured. In addition, several targets can be suspended on the playing field. The team that captures the most targets is the winner of the game.

After switching it on, the target lights up 1 second every 30 seconds, so it is visible in the dark during the game.
If the target has been hit, it continues to blink in the colour with which it was hit. While flashing, the target cannot be hit by anyone. Once the target has lost 5 lives of the same team colour, it continues to flash in that colour until the target is turned off with the on and off switch. The automatic switch-off (battery saving mode) takes place after 4 hours.

The target takes three AAA batteries, these are not included.

This product is not suitable for children under three years. Contains small parts - choking hazard!