Light Battle Active VIP Mask Orange

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Light Battle Active VIP Mask Orange

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With this orange colored Light Battle Active VIP Mask, laser gaming is even more fun. With a laser game mask, for example, you play the game "protect the VIP". One player of the team is appointed as VIP and wears the laser game mask. The VIP must be protected by his own team. A team is eliminated when the lives of a VIP on a laser game mask. If the VIP is switched off, the mask will vibrate for a few seconds and the life bars will flash.

How does a VIP mask work?
By shooting the mask with a Light Battle Active laser gun or gun, it is linked to a team color. Just like on the Light Battle Active laser gun, the number of lives on the mask is represented by three life bars, with a life bar representing 3 lives. Depending on the type of ammunition with which the opponent shoots, 3 to 9 shots are needed to disable the VIP. When using the mask together with a laser gun or gun, the number of lives counts on the VIP mask. There is no further communication between the mask and the laser gun. If the mask loses a life, it will not happen on the laser gun or gun.

The Light Battle Active VIP Mask operates on 3 LR44 coin cell batteries (not included). The VIP mask has the dimensions: 17 x 10.5 x 8 cm. Light Battle Active is suitable for children from 6 years and guarantees hours of fun with the whole family!

100% safe
All Light Battle Active products use harmless and invisible infrared light, similar to the remote control of a television. All Light Battle Active products have CE marking and comply with the European safety regulations applicable to toys.

Light Battle Active laser game accessories
Light Battle Active lasergame masks can be combined with all other Light Battle Active pistols and rifles. Accessories such as a target provide even more gaming options. To experience even more fun, you can also add the Light Battle Active Targets to your laser game set. With the targets you play eg & quot; conquer the flag & quot ;. The most popular addition to the laser tag set is the Light Battle Active vest.