What is the difference between the standard guns and the Anti-Cheat guns?
With other brands but also with our standard laser guns you can cheat by resetting the laser gun during the game by switching it on and off.
The new Light Battle Anti-Cheat guns have a feature that prevents cheating. You can also no longer change team colours during the game. No other laser gun from another brand has this unique Anti-Cheat function

What is the difference between the Anti-Cheat guns and the Anti-Cheat pistols?
The larger Anti-Cheat guns contain 4 life bars and the Anti-Cheat pistols contain 3 life bars. Furthermore, the Anti-Cheat guns and Anti-Cheat pistols are the same. The shooting distance is also the same. The life of the batteries with the gun will be longer. The Anti-Cheat gun uses 3 AAA alkaline batteries and the Anti-Cheat gun runs on 4 AA alkaline batteries (the laser guns are not suitable for charging batteries).

How can I reset an Anti-Cheat gun?
You can reset an Anti-Cheat gun by using a second Anti-Cheat gun; that is set to a different team colour; to aim at the gun to be reset and hold the activation button for 3 seconds. You always need at least two Anti-Cheat guns to reset a gun.

Are there even more differences between the standard guns and the Anti-Cheat guns?
Yes, with the Anti-Cheat guns you have the option to reactivate a life bar 3x during the game. This gives you more lives and you can play laser games longer. The Anti-Cheat guns also have an English-speaking voice that makes the gun even tougher.

What is the difference between the Anti-Cheat pistols and the Anti-Cheat guns?
The operation of the Anti-Cheat pistols and the Anti-Cheat guns is the same. There are, however, a few differences. The Anti-Cheat guns are much larger than the pistols, this makes the guns extra tough. The rifle also has an extra life bar, the 3 extra lives provide extra-long laser game fun.

Do the standard guns work together with the Anti-Cheat guns?
Yes, the standard pistols can be used together with the Anti-Cheat guns.

Do the Light Battle accessories also work with the Anti-Cheat guns?
Yes, the Light Battle accessories work with the Anti-Cheat products. You should keep in mind that the accessories do not have an Anti-Cheat function. 

Are the Anti-Cheat guns easy to use?
Anti-Cheat guns are also easy to use. It may be that the youngest players (6 to 8 years) need help resetting the Anti-Cheat guns.

For what age are the Anti-Cheat guns suitable?
The Anti-Cheat guns are intended for the more serious laser player. If the game element is important, the Anti-Cheat guns will be the best choice, for young players (6 to 8 years) the standard gun might be the best choice. For players older than 10 years, we recommend choosing the larger Anti-Cheat guns instead of the pistols.