Although we naturally want to limit this as much as possible, it can always happen that a product is delivered defective or breaks down after use. In cases that you cannot resolve yourself, you must always contact our service team before returning products.

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What to do with defective products?

Never return the product without contacting us first. In many cases we can solve it without you having to send the product back to us.

Step 1: You can report a problem to us by calling 038-2022200 or sending an email to

Step 2: If we cannot solve the problem by telephone or email, you can send the product back to us. If you return the defective item to us within 30 days after receipt, you will receive a return label from us with which you can send it back to us for free, after 30 days the shipping costs are for your own account. You will receive the instructions for returning the product from us.

Step 3: Our repair department assesses the defect. If it is a clear manufacturing defect, you are entitled to a free repair up to 24 months after the date of purchase.

If it is determined that it is not a manufacturing defect, we will prepare a quote for the repair of the defective product. You determine whether you agree with this.

Step 4: After approval of the repair costs or in the event of a manufacturing defect, the product will be repaired for you or we will send a replacement product to you.

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