At what age can you use Light Battle Active toys?
The guns are perfectly suitable for players of 7+ years.

Is there a maximum number of players?
You can play laser tag with an unlimited number of players. The players can be divided into a maximum of 4 teams.

Is the light coming from the laser guns harmful?
Light Battle uses harmless and invisible infrared light. This is the same as the light coming from your remote control.

Are the guns resistant to moisture and sand?
The guns are not splash proof. Sand may negatively affect proper operation of the trigger.

Is the whole gun a target for the opponent?
The front and a bit of the side are the target of the gun. If the back of the gun gets hit, you do not lose any lives.

Can you play the game with two players?
Laser tag takes a minimum of 2 people. Our experience is that the game often begins with two players, but that more children quickly join in. The more players, the more fun laser gaming becomes.

Do you receive a shock when you get hit?
No, the Light Battle Active guns vibrate only when you shoot or get hit. Light Battle products do not shock you and are very child-friendly.

Is the colour of the gun important?
The Light Battle Active guns are available in four colours. All colours have the same capabilities. The colour of the gun itself is not linked to the team colours. You can play in any team using all the colours.

Can you use the laser tag guns in daylight?
Yes, even in daylight the laser tag guns work just fine. The range is slightly limited in sunlight.

Can you play Light Strike laser tag indoors?
Yes, Light Strike laser gaming can be played anytime and anywhere, even indoors. In spaces that aren't too confined, the guns work fine.

What is the range of the Light Battle Active laser tag guns?
In daylight, without sunlight, the range is up to 50 m; the more sunlight, the shorter the range.

Can Light Strike products be combined with Light Battle products?
Unfortunately, no. Light Strike products and Light Battle products cannot be combined. These products come from different suppliers and have different infrared frequencies.

Are there any Light Strike products still available?
The Light Strike producer has ceased the production of Light Strike. Light Strike products are therefore no longer available.

Are Light Battle Space products compatible with Light Battle Active products?
No, these are different systems that do not work together.