Light Battle Active laser game rental
More and more rental companies and individuals are discovering that it is very easy to rent out Light Battle Active laser tag products. The cost for the purchase of the products is very low. This means that the costs are recovered quickly and a profit can be made.

Commonly used products for laser tag rental
The Light Battle Active guns are suitable for players aged 7+ years. The Light Battle Active Target adds additional game variations. The target may for example be used as a "capture the flag" game scenario. The Light Battle Active VIP Mask can be used for the game "Protect the VIP".

How many guns or shot guns do I need for rental?
Of course, this is different for each application, but most customers order sets of between 6 and 10 pieces.

Light Battle Active laser tag products are used satisfactorily by many corporate and private rental companies. Light Battle Active products are not designed for commercial applications. If you rent out Light Battle Active products (business or private), then you are not using the products for their intended purpose and any possible warranty is void.