The Light Strike line has been discontinued and, therefore, these products are no longer available. With Light Battle, we now have an excellent successor to the Light Strike articles. Light Battle products have been developed to improve the gaming experience.

The table below outlines the features of Light Strike compared to those of Light Battle.

Function Light Strike gun Light Strike shot gun Light Battle
Number of team colours 4 4 4
Types of ammunition 4 5 4
Displays team colour Yes Yes Yes
Light effects Yes Yes Yes
Sound effects Yes Yes Yes
Vibrates No No Yes
Range 30m 30m 40m
Life bar Yes Yes Yes
Cheat possibility No No Adjustment on / off switch
Hit detection from side No No Yes
Ammunition reload button No Yes Yes
Durability ++ + ++
Applicability target - - ++
Age 7+ 7+ 7+
Suggested retail price €35.00 €49,00 €35,00

++ = Good, + = Reasonably good, - = Mediocre

Unfortunately, Light Strike items and Light Battle guns cannot be used together. The new Light Battle technique makes use of a different frequency from the infrared signal.

A very positive aspect of Light Battle is that these laser guns have a much better range than the Light Strike laser guns. In cloudy weather or in the dark, the shooting distance of Light Battle guns can be up to 50 meters.

Modified options
Light Battle guns are easy to use. Light Strike options that were hardly used are not present on the Light Battle laser guns.
Light Battle has no shield, volume control or headphone jack, but is equipped with a vibration function. The Light Battle gun vibrates when fired or when hit by an opponent. This makes the laser Light Battle game experience even more realistic.
With a Light Strike gun it was only possible to hit an opponent head-on. Light Battle guns, however, can also be hit from the side.

A Light Battle Laser game set can be expanded with a VIP mask, Target and Robot beetle. Light Strike accessories are no longer available.

The Light Battle target is well applicable during laser gaming. The Light Battle target can be employed as a flag to be captured. The purpose and functionality of a Light Strike target was unclear.