Look below for the most common failures or defects and what you can do to resolve it;

All lights continue to flash, or the gun keeps firing on its own
When this happens, the gun does not receive enough power from the batteries. This may be because the batteries are (almost) empty or because you are using the wrong batteries. For optimum functioning of your Light Battle product, we always recommend Alkaline batteries. The malfunction can therefore also occur because you use Zinc Chloride or rechargeable batteries. When you put new 1.5v Alkaline batteries in your gun, your product will work properly again.

The gun has no sound anymore
In this case, the speaker cable has probably been disconnected or the speaker has failed. For this, contact our service team. They can send a manual with which you may be able to check or even solve this problem yourself.

The gun cannot be hit or gets hit badly
Our laser guns are equipped with a transmitter and a receiver, which may have shifted slightly during play or during shipment. This is fairly easy to solve with the help of a manual. For this you can contact our service team.

The gun doesn't shoot anymore
If you can turn the gun on but don't shoot it when you pull the trigger, the trigger inside the gun is most likely defective. For this you must contact our service team.

The gun doesn't turn on anymore
If you have tested this with new Alkaline batteries and the gun still does not work, the problem may be in the battery cover. For this you can try again with a battery cover of a working gun. If the problem persists, you can contact our service desk so that they can assist you further.

The gun sometimes fails
Although our products can certainly take a beating, it is possible that the gun will fail if it receives a blow near the battery compartment. In this case the batteries sit a bit too loose in the compartment. This may be due to a minimal difference in the batteries or because the springs of the battery compartment or cover are not stretched far enough.  This problem can be solved by carefully stretching the springs with a pair of pliers or tape around the batteries so that they are tighter in the compartment. If this does not solve the problem, you can always contact our service desk.

The on / off switch no longer works properly
It can happen that the on / off switch sometimes does not work properly anymore, and the gun fails. Fortunately, this problem is easy to solve without having to send the gun to us. Report this defect to our service team and you will receive a manual with which you can solve it step by step.

The reload button no longer works
Can you still shoot but the reload button just doesn't work anymore? Contact our service team. They may be able to send you a manual with which you can fix it yourself or can send you instructions how to send the defective product.

Is your defect not listed? Then click here to see what you must do to report your defect to us.