KidsFun Laser tag set – 2 Guns

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KidsFun Laser tag set – 2 Guns

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With this laser tag set you have all the functions of the more expensive laser tag sets, but at a much better price! With the KidsFun laser tag set you can enjoy laser gaming inside or around your house with an unlimited number of friends. These laser guns have super cool light and sound effects and have 4 different ammunition types and 4 team colours.

How does the laser tag game work?
With laser gaming the aim is to hit your opponent on the gun. This is a great shooting game You can see how many lives you have left on the 3 bars of life on the gun. Each life bar contains 3 lives, so in total you have 9 lives. The number of lives lost per hit is related to the type of ammunition used. When your opponent has hit you with the ammunition type "gun", you only lose 1 life. But if the ammunition type of rocket launcher hits you, you will lose 3 lives per hit. When all the lives on your laser gun or vest have run out, you are eliminated.

What's in this laser tag set?
This laser game set contains everything you need to be able to play laser game. You do not need extra accessories such as a vest. Your opponent's gun is the aim to target. This KidsFun laser tag set consists of 2 laser tag guns that are supplied in a beautiful gift box. A manual has been added to this gift box in Dutch, German and English.

How does the KidsFun Laser Tag set work?
Every player is equipped with a gun. You set your gun to a team colour. After that you choose a type of ammunition, you can choose from 4 different types of ammunition, each type of ammunition has its unique characteristics in shooting distance and the number of lives that your opponent goes off with a hit. If everything is set up, everyone can find a place in the playing field so that the game can start.

You can hit each other up to a distance of up to 35 meters. Because infrared light is used, this means that the shooting distance decreases if there is more sunlight. When you are hit, your laser gun will vibrate and one or more lives will be taken off. You can see how many lives you have left by the life bars, each life bar represents 3 lives.

Product information
Laser tag gun
Batteries: 3x "AA" Alkaline batteries (not included);
Dimensions (lxw): 22x15 cm;
Weight: 275g.

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