Light Battle Active Vest

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Light Battle Active Vest

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Light Battle Active vest

This Light Battle Active vest can be used together with all Light Battle Active pistols and rifles. Unlike other systems such as Laser X, the Light Battle vest is not connected to the gun with a cable

After switching on the vest, you must attach the vest to the team color of your gun. You do this by shooting the jacket once. The vest will then light up in the chosen team color If you shoot on the vest with the same team color as your gun, no lives will be lost. Shoot someone with a different team color on the vest, then one or more lives will be lost. The number of lives that are lost depends on the ammunition type used by your opponent The vest will vibrate for a moment and the lights will flash when you get hit. After the vest is hit, it can not be touched for a few seconds. There is no communication between the gun and the vest. If the vest is hit, a life on the gun will not automatically be lost. After losing all life, the vest will vibrate a number of times and the lights will continue to flash. You can reset the vest by switching it off and on again.

The vest is suitable for children but also by adults. Thanks to the extra belt supplied free of charge, which can be used as an extension, it is now also possible to play with the whole family. The Light Battle Active vest works on 3 AAA alkaline batteries (not included). The cardigan has the dimensions: 11 x 11 x 5 cm.