Laser tag gun orange

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Laser tag gun orange

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Experience the ultimate laser gaming thrill with this orange Light Battle Active laser gun. You can play laser tag with up to four teams. Each team can contain an unlimited number of players. The orange laser gun has a range up to 50 metres and has 4 different types of ammunition.
The gun is equipped with an infrared transmitter and receiver; the opponent's gun is, therefore, the target. Depending on the type of ammunition, the opponent loses one or more lives when hit. The number of lives is shown as life bars on the laser gun.

Features laser gun:

  • Four team colours (blue, green, red, white);
  • Four different types of ammunition (shotgun, pistol, machine gun, rocket launcher);
  • Ammunition reload button;
  • Vibration Impact during the shooting;
  • Vibration Effect when hit;
  • Display of the number of lives with the life bars;
  • Light and sound effects;
  • Infrared transmitter and receiver;
  • On and off switch.

For the Light Battle Active guns additional accessories are available. These accessories add many additional game elements. Play the game "Capture the Flag" by using the targets. Play the game "Take down the VIP" using the VIP mask.

Light Battle Active uses harmless and invisible infrared technology.
Suitable for 7 years and older.

This product is not suitable for children under three years. Contains small parts - choking hazard!