Sharper Image lasertag set - 2 laserguns + 2 vests

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Sharper Image lasertag set - 2 laserguns + 2 vests

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Do you want to know what it's like to play laser tag? With this laser tag set you can! This is the perfect beginner laser game set for kids. Feel the excitement of real laser gaming and play as long as you want for a great prize. This set is very easy to use and safe because the vests and guns are not connected to each other by means of a cable such as the Laser X Micro Double Set. It is a matter of putting the batteries in and start playing!

How does laser tag work?
The purpose of laser gaming is to hit your opponent on the vest. This is a great shooting game. When you hit your opponent, a life will be taken away from your opponent's vest. If your opponent has no lives left on the vest, you have won the game.

What's in this laser tag beginner set?
This laser tag set consists of 2 guns in the colours red and blue. These laser tag guns come with 2 vests. This set comes in a beautiful gift box and is therefore really nice to give as a gift. A clear manual is also supplied in Dutch, German and English.

How does this laser tag set work?
Every player receives a laser tag gun and a vest. You can shoot 6 times with the laser game guns before you have to reload. The gun makes a real laser noise when you fire. You can hit each other up to a distance of up to 20 meters. For the best results it is recommended to use this set mainly indoors. More sunlight means that you can shoot less far because infrared light is used. This infrared light is very safe and not harmful to the eyes.

You must try to hit your opponent on the vest. When you are hit on your vest, you hear a sound and your vest starts vibrating. You have 6 lives on your vest divided into 3 life bars, so that is 2 lives per life bar. If you are hit, your life bar will first flash and when you are hit again the light of the life bar will go out. When all your lives are finished, your vest will make a sound and keep vibrating for a long time. Because of all these light and sound effects you have the feeling that you are in a real laser tag arena. The vests are easily adjustable and can therefore be worn by anyone.

Technical specifications
These toy guns take 2 "AA" Alkaline batteries per gun. The vests take 3 "AA" Alkaline batteries. With its very lightweight of only 150 grams (without batteries), these laser guns are perfect for the smallest laser game players. The gun has a length of 22 centimetres and a height of 14 centimetres. The vests have a size of 14 centimetres wide and 11 centimetres high. The nice gift box in which the set is delivered is 76 centimetres long and 16 centimetres wide.